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Before we jump into the Dairy Queen application here is a little history onn the company. Back in 1938, Dairy Queen founder John McCullough first introduced soft serve ice cream to the world and because of his tremendous success, by 1940 he had opened the first Dairy Queen in Joliet, Illinois. By 1947 they had over 100 stores and by 1953 the first international store had opened in Canada. After seeing rapid growth for over 60 years, Dairy Queen attributes its success to a combination of great food, tasty desserts and hard working people in all their establishments. From the time the first soft serve ice cream sold for 10 cents, the franchising industry began and the rest, as we say, is history.

So, you want to go to work for the restaurant and need to know all about the Dairy Queen application and hiring procedure. There are many benefits to working for Dairy Queen including the fact that they work with the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, it is a fun and fast-paced work environment, they provide paid training programs, food discounts and flexible work schedules. Also, there is a great potential for career growth, fantastic medical coverage and competitive base pay for new employees. Dairy Queen provides for future planning with benefits like 401(k) retirement plans, education assistance, deferred profit sharing programs.

The best way to get a full-time or part-time job with Dairy Queen is by filling out a Dairy Queen Application as soon as possible. Some tips include, whether you are filling out your Dairy Queen application online or in person, you must take your time and complete an error-free application; be thorough and work through the process never skipping any section or leaving any information blank and if you want to make the best impression possible, be sure to check the application for proper spelling, and proper grammar.

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In filling out the Dairy Queen application choose your job position carefully. Positions available include Cook, Cashier, Crew member, cake decorator, assistant manager, restaurant manager and dining room attendant. The final step in the application process is to sign the application because an unsigned application is no good and will not make a good impression or get you the job. The hiring process of course begins with filling out the official Dairy Queen application and whether you are applying on line or in person, you must be age 18 or older. Team members are the people who work directly with the public and do not have to have a high school diploma but managers must also be age 18 or older and have a high school diploma or its equivalent.

Once you find a store near you where you want to work, and fill out your Dairy Queen application, you will then be able to find out what positions are available. If you are interested in working for Dairy Queen corporate office, some of the positions available include, Research and Development, Legal, Administration, Distribution and Logistics, Human Resources, Marketing and Restaurant Operations, Architecture and Design, Real Estate, and Supply Chain Management. Once you fill out your Dairy Queen application, you will be notified via email or phone. The slogan “We Treat You Right” means a lot when talking about both employees and customers.

That pretty much covers the important aspects of the Dairy Queen application.

Tips On Getting Hired

The current job market is grueling and competitive; therefore having any kind of edge when it comes to interviewing techniques which will better the chances of getting hired are priceless. Daily Queen has been around since the 1940’s and is one of the leading soft serve ice cream producers and manufacturers in the country. If you are exceptional at customer service and looking for a position with an outstanding and rewarding company, here are some tips on getting hired with Dairy Queen.

Every year since the 1940′s thousands of Dairy Queen application forms are approved. The restaurant has expanded its services to include not only ice cream, but also appetizers and hot dishes as well. Dairy Queen has been able to do this, with each of its franchises because the company’s founders placed a lot of emphasis on stellar customer service, timely delivery of their food products and loyal employees.

Each Dairy Queen is privately owned by individual franchise owners. You can turn in a Dairy Queen application for a position with the company one of two ways; visiting a particular location in person and filling out an application or you can apply at their online website which will direct you to the specific franchises that are within your area. Be sure that when you apply you select the correct location, as there are over 5,900 locations all within 22 countries and you need to apply to the one you plan to work at.

Working at Dairy Queen will require you to have some basic skills, as most of the employees that currently work there wear numerous hats. Job duties include waiting and servicing customers at the counter or drive up window if there is one, preparing ice cream, cooking other food menu items such as burgers or French fries and general cleaning responsibilities like sweeping or maintaining restroom facilities. Those who turn in the Dairy Queen application should be prepared to engage in all of these responsibilities.

Employment at Dairy Queen can be rewarding, but it can also be labor intensive, particularly within the warmer months when ice cream is a staple dessert. Some shift require employees to move at a fast pace and remain on their feet for long periods of time. There is also some lifting and bending required and those who are employed here should be able to lift several pound boxes, bend appropriately and with ease and remain tireless at serving and working with the public in a courteous and friendly manner.

It is a good idea to have a resume prepared before you visit turn in your Dairy Queen application. Your resume should be well written, articulate and be error free. The best resumes are those that will highlight your past work experience and are tailored to the specific job you are applying for. Therefore, any experience you have gained working with the public, handling money or participating in cleaning duties should be on your resume.

If you haven’t been employed with any company and Dairy Queen is to be your first job, do not be disheartened. Create a resume anyway, as Dairy Queen often employs people who have little to no previous work experience. On your resume should be any school related activities that you participated in and certainly any volunteer work you may have done. Social or school clubs are also valuable on a resume as they show that you can work in a group setting, can be effective with teamwork and that you have committed yourself to some type of project or group.

If you plan to apply for a position within their corporate offices, you will definitely need a tailored resume as well as a cover letter.

Cover letters are given to the prospective company you wish to work for along with a resume as an introduction to who you are, why you want a position within that company and why you are a great candidate for the position. Cover letters should be short and to the point and contain information that is not already on your resume. They are essentially your sales pitch to the hiring manager as to why they should choose you over another candidate. If you haven’t written one before you can research online about how to write a great cover letter for helpful tips, as well as free templates.

If you plan to visit a local Dairy Queen in person to obtain an application it will behoove you to dress well even if you are just stopping by for an application. There are many instances where the onsite manager will give on the spot interviews and looking neat and professional are imperative.

The Dairy Queen Interview

If you are fortunate enough to score an interview with Dairy Queen there are some specific questions that you should be able to answer articulately. Some of these
questions include:

• What prompted you to turn in a Dairy Queen application?
• Are you familiar with our menu options and do you think you could learn to prepare these items
• What days are you available to work
• How would you deal with an upset or dissatisfied customer
• How would your friends describe you
• How do you define customer service
• Tell me about the last job you had

Remember that you should have some answers prepared and each question should be defined and detailed but keep your answers to approximately 90 seconds or a little longer.

Positions At Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen is considered one of the most successful restaurant franchises in the United States. It was originally founded in 1940 as a family business. Over the years the franchise grew, steadily gaining popularity and the employees of the Dairy Queen franchises grew along with the company. Among other things it was the family atmosphere that attracted so many workers at Dairy Queen.

Today, working at Dairy Queen is still in great demand and there are many different types of jobs available. They can be best broken up into two major categories. The first category would be the work in store category. These types of jobs are specific to each franchise location. They include team members, assistant managers, and managers.

Team members at Dairy Queen are responsible for all of the customer service operations. They must be energetic and must enjoy making people smile. Team members must be able to communicate quickly with other team members as well as with customers. In addition to great communication skills the team members at Dairy Queen need to be able to operate and maintain the equipment while being able to maintain a clean work area. There are plenty of other responsibilities that come with being a team member at Dairy Queen. Of course the most important skill that a team member has to master the the Dairy Queen swirl on top. It’s their signature.

Assistant managers have to be able to manage the entire operations of a Dairy Queen restaurant. This includes making sure that the products sold to customers meet the strictest of quality standards. In addition to that they must also be able to respond to customer’s needs and be able to address and resolve any complaints from the customers. Finally, an assistant manager has the responsibility of training any new team members as well as making sure that current team members continue to perform at a high level. There is a lot of responsibility that comes with the job title of an assistant manager at Dairy Queen.

Finally, managers are responsible for the entire operations of a Dairy Queen restaurant. This includes everything from keeping track of finances to inventory, marketing, hiring and firing of any team members when needed, and plenty more. They must be able to insure that the restaurant meets all of the outlined requirements of the franchise owner.

At Dairy Queen, corporate jobs are in just as high a demand as the work in store jobs. The headquarters is located in Edina, Minnesota. Corporate jobs at Dairy Queen are essential to carrying out the vision of the company. There are many different jobs available at the corporate level. A few of the highlights include franchise development managers, supply chain managers, brand marketers, area managers, and business consultants.

Overall, each of the jobs at Dairy Queen are extremely important to the overall function of the franchises. To work at Dairy Queen, whether it be at the local franchise restaurants or at the corporate level, the one thing that every employee must have is a willingness to work hard and smile.

Dairy Queen Benefits

One of the absolute best things about working at Dairy Queen is benefits that the restaurant company provides. Now it should be noted that the benefits are typically divided between the corporate type jobs and the jobs at each restaurant location. The jobs at each restaurant location is owned by a franchisee. That means that the benefits can sometimes vary from one restaurant to another depending on the restaurant franchise owner. Some may offer additional benefits while others may not offer anything additional.

There are some benefits that are universal at all Dairy Queen restaurants. One benefit that is always appreciated by Dairy Queen team members is the flexible work schedule for all of the jobs. The managers at Dairy Queen restaurants are very accommodating to a team member’s work schedule so long as the team member is upfront about when they are able to work their job at Dairy Queen.

In addition to a flexible work schedule, Dairy Queen also offers discounts on food for all of their team members. Now the discounts on food can vary slightly from franchise location to location, but typically most franchise owners offer a 50% discount on food a Dairy Queen for all of their team members. Now some franchise restaurants do have a restriction which limits the 50% discount on food to only days that the team member works. On days that they are not working the team member just gets 10% off their food. Again this can vary from franchise restaurant to restaurant.

A third great benefit of working at Dairy Queen is the opportunities for advancement. Team members are always rewarded with more responsibilities as well as opportunities to earn a higher level job. There are even opportunities for advancement with paid training. At some locations there, team members of Dairy Queen are even paid during their orientation lessons. In short, there are quite a few opportunities to work and advance at Dairy Queen.

For employees of Dairy Queen there is also a benefits package offered. The longer a person works at Dairy Queen, the more benefits they will have access to. There are quite a few benefits that are offered for dedicated employees. These can include health and wellness benefits, future planning benefits, 401-k options, education assistance, and even deferred profit sharing for some employees.

Health and wellness benefits include health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance, and even disability insurance should the employee need it. This is called the Limited Benefits Program. The benefits include 24 hour access to to health account information as well as access to claim statuses. This health insurance program is part of the First Health Network.

Overall there are a lot of reasons to work at Dairy Queen. Of course one of the biggest reasons that people choose to work at Dairy Queen is because of the kind of benefits that they offer. These benefits are truly some of the most competitive benefits packages out there, especially when comparing these benefits to the benefits of other restaurant franchises.

Dairy Queen Franchise Information

Dairy Queen Franchise Information

Dairy Queen has 65 years of franchising experience worldwide. They offer a solid business model, marketing, training, operations, franchise support and supply chain development assistance as part of their franchising package.

Choosing a Location

Dairy Queen Grill & Chill restaurants are freestanding structures. Facilities can also be developed in a variety of places including street front locations, air ports, universities, travel plazas, dual-use buildings, strip mall corners and in shopping malls. Shopping malls are lucrative due to their high traffic of customers. If you choose to open a location in a shopping mall, there are requirements depending on the location within in the mall. If you choose to open an impulse treat location within the mall,  600 to 800 square feet inline is required. If a food court location is preferred, 250 square feet is required. Both locations require dry storage facilities that are placed within the location structure or a nearby location with easy access.

Vibrant Décor

The modern and colorful décor is uniform in every franchise. The unique interior décor sets Dairy Queen apart from the rest of the fast food industry. Each Dairy Queen Grill & Chill restaurant has the average seating space for up to 48 guests. The individual restaurant has lighting, music, wooden tables, booths, separate areas for the grill and chill areas and an open-air grill.

Menu Items

The full menu includes Dairy Queen cakes and blizzard cakes, orange Julius, cold beverages, hand-spun beverages, sundaes, royal treats, waffles, cones, blizzard treats, novelties, combos, kid’s meals, sides, salads, hamburgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, wraps and chicken.

Numbers and Fees

Dairy Queen Grill & Chill locations and Dairy Queen Orange Julius location fees and numbers depend on the type of store you choose to open. Franchise Fees for the DQ Grill & Chill are about $ 35,000 and the DQ Orange Julius franchise fee is $25,000. Other fees to consider are marketing and royalty fees and percentages, the term of years in business, investment range, net worth requirement, liquid capital requirement, building and lot size.






Purchasing Existing Locations

If you choose to purchase an existing location that is available for sale, you will need to financially meet the following requirements.

  • Network of $75,000
  • Liquid assets totaling $30,000
  • Operation capital of $25,000 or 33% of semi-annual expenses

To begin the process of purchasing an already existing Dairy Queen Grill & Chill location or Dairy Queen Orange Julius location, contact a local real estate broker or contact the owner directly. The owner will fill out a form to submit to headquarters for review and approval. Remember that it takes about six months for training and facility requirements to be met before the buyer can complete the purchase. In addition, American Dairy Queen has to approve the buyer before a closing sale is initiated and finalized.

Your Next Step

Now that you have details about the Dairy Queen franchise opportunity, begin your journey to opening your own franchise location. Get started by requesting information, completing the application process and successfully completing the store construction and management training.








About Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen is a franchise chain of restaurants. It was originally founded as a soft serve ice cream store by a father and son duo. The father, John Fremont McCullough, came up with a formula for making soft serve ice cream. It was a fantastic idea, which gain popularity rather quickly. This new found popularity encouraged the father and son to open up a soft serve ice cream store.

In 1938 John, along with his son Bradley received the help of a friend, Sheb Noble, to open up the first soft serve ice store in Kankakee, Illinois. Word spread rather quickly that the soft serve ice cream store was opening up, which lead to an opening with a bang. One the first day that the soft serve ice cream store was opened they sold over 1,600 servings of their new soft served ice cream in less than 2 hours after its opening.

After just two years of huge success, the new owners decided to open up their first Dairy Queen restaurant. This one would be located in Joliet, Illinois. This again was met with much fanfare. The founders now had a brand that they could market in the Dairy Queen name. Once the first Dairy Queen was opened it then did not take long for more soft serve Dairy Queens to open.

What lead to the fast growth was the founders’ decision to franchise the soft serve restaurants. This is by far the best way to grow a company the fastest. Ten soft serve restaurants were opened in the first year alone in 1940. Then just six years later there were over 100 Dairy Queen soft serve restaurants opened with expansion beyond the state borders. Nine years after that there were nearly 1,500 soft serve Dairy Queen restaurants opened throughout the midwest. Another 1,000 plus Dairy Queen restaurants were opened five years after that.

Business was really booming at Dairy Queen by the 1950s. It was considered one of the most successful franchise restaurants during this time and even today is considered a very successful restaurant franchise. By 1953, just thirteen years after the first the first soft serve Dairy Queen was opened the franchise opened its first international location in Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada. Today there are more than 5,700 Dairy Queen restaurants opened in 19 different countries. Of course the vast majority of Dairy Queen restaurants reside in both the United States and Canada.

In addition to the 5,700 Dairy Queen restaurants, the company does own several other brands of restaurants including the Orange Julius, Dairy Queen Brazier, DQ Grill & Chill, and Texas Country Foods. The Orange Julius brand of restaurants include the original soft serve ice cream as well as other small treats. The Dairy Queen Brazier and DQ Grill & Chill are more of a full service fast food restaurant. Finally the Texas Country Foods is also a full service fast food restaurant which features the tastes of Texas. Of course most of the Texas Country Foods restaurants are located in the state of Texas.

Dairy Queen Blizzard Flavors

Dairy Queen Blizzard Flavors

Author: Hazal Stephens

Get Dairy Queen Blizzard Coupons

The Dairy Queen Blizzard is the most successful product ever released in the history of Dairy Queen. Since day 1 the Blizzard treat has been surrounded by buzz and hype, prompting DQ to sell 100 million units of the treat in its first year of release, and keeping it as a top-selling dessert for 25 years straight. The Blizzard was the first soft-serve treat to be blended with candies, cookies, chocolate, or fruits, even though it has been copied by its DQ’s competitors. One of the reasons that the Blizzard has remained so incredibly popular is that Dairy Queen has continued to adapt the Blizzard to consumer tastes and trends, developing new flavors that please and excite their loyal customers. Over its 25 years of existence, 70 Dairy Queen Blizzard flavors have been released, many of them seasonal or holiday themed.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Dairy Queen Blizzard, and 25 of its most popular classic flavors have been added to a new anniversary menu. This offers Blizzard fans a chance to try lots of flavors that they may have never had the chance to try before, since many had been previously discontinued and no longer available. And who knows if they’ll be available in the future! So 2010 is the year for variety. Get yourself over to DQ on a regular basis and try them all.

What Dairy Queen Blizzard Flavors are available? Well, here is a list of the items on the “25 Flavors For 25 Years” menu:

For Cookie Lovers:

Cookie Dough
Mint Oreo
Oreo CheeseQuake
Cookie Jar
Double Fudge Cookie Dough

For Candy Cravers:

Reese Peanut Butter Cups
Cappucino Heath

For Fruit Fans:

Banana Cream Pie
Strawberry CheeseQuake
Banana Split
Choco Cherry Love
Chocolate Covered Strawberry
Rasberry Truffle

For Chocoholics:

Chocolate Xtreme
French Silk Pie
Turtle Pecan Cluster
Georgia Mud Fudge
Mocha Chip
Midnight Truffle

Other current flavors include:

Nerds Candy
Cheese Cake
Rocky Road
Banana Pudding
Peanut Butter Crunch
Nestles Crunch
Reese’s Pieces
Yukon Cruncher
Whopp’N Wild Mocha Chip
Kit Kat

There have been many other flavors released throughout the years. Hopefully someday they will all be re-released so we can reminisce. Let’s all enjoy 2010 and celebrate the 25th anniviersary with various Dairy Queen Blizzard flavors!

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