Positions At Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen is considered one of the most successful restaurant franchises in the United States. It was originally founded in 1940 as a family business. Over the years the franchise grew, steadily gaining popularity and the employees of the Dairy Queen franchises grew along with the company. Among other things it was the family atmosphere that attracted so many workers at Dairy Queen.

Today, working at Dairy Queen is still in great demand and there are many different types of jobs available. They can be best broken up into two major categories. The first category would be the work in store category. These types of jobs are specific to each franchise location. They include team members, assistant managers, and managers.

Team members at Dairy Queen are responsible for all of the customer service operations. They must be energetic and must enjoy making people smile. Team members must be able to communicate quickly with other team members as well as with customers. In addition to great communication skills the team members at Dairy Queen need to be able to operate and maintain the equipment while being able to maintain a clean work area. There are plenty of other responsibilities that come with being a team member at Dairy Queen. Of course the most important skill that a team member has to master the the Dairy Queen swirl on top. It’s their signature.

Assistant managers have to be able to manage the entire operations of a Dairy Queen restaurant. This includes making sure that the products sold to customers meet the strictest of quality standards. In addition to that they must also be able to respond to customer’s needs and be able to address and resolve any complaints from the customers. Finally, an assistant manager has the responsibility of training any new team members as well as making sure that current team members continue to perform at a high level. There is a lot of responsibility that comes with the job title of an assistant manager at Dairy Queen.

Finally, managers are responsible for the entire operations of a Dairy Queen restaurant. This includes everything from keeping track of finances to inventory, marketing, hiring and firing of any team members when needed, and plenty more. They must be able to insure that the restaurant meets all of the outlined requirements of the franchise owner.

At Dairy Queen, corporate jobs are in just as high a demand as the work in store jobs. The headquarters is located in Edina, Minnesota. Corporate jobs at Dairy Queen are essential to carrying out the vision of the company. There are many different jobs available at the corporate level. A few of the highlights include franchise development managers, supply chain managers, brand marketers, area managers, and business consultants.

Overall, each of the jobs at Dairy Queen are extremely important to the overall function of the franchises. To work at Dairy Queen, whether it be at the local franchise restaurants or at the corporate level, the one thing that every employee must have is a willingness to work hard and smile.

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